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Questions To Ask

Well-prepared and germane questions for a potential employer not only allow you to effectively gauge the strength of the opportunity and how well it matches your requirements, they also provide the interviewer with a strong impression of your commitment and professionalism. The following questions have all proven to be highly relevant and effective:

1. What does it take to excel in the position and your corporate environment?
2. Have the employer discuss his/her career and their development at the current company. Why did they chose to work there and what keeps them happy?
3. What are the duties and responsibilities attendant to the role?
4. Why is the position available?
5. What type of individuals are most successful with the company? How is that success measured?
6. What does a normal day consist of for someone in this position?
7. What are the most important things I will be called upon to address?
8. What type of opportunities are available after I have consistently performed at high levels for an extended period?
9. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as you perceive them?
10. What are the goals of the company - short-term and long-term?
11. What separates the company from others in the same market?
12. How would you describe the company culture?
13. Are there opportunities for additional training?