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Potential Questions

It is essential to be prepared to effectively and agilely provide strong answers to an interviewer's queries. Although the range and form of each individual's respective format and approach may differ greatly, there are a number of core questions that always seem to surface during the course of an assessment. Those who have readied determined, cogent responses to the following will be a step ahead:

1. Describe your current duties and responsibilities.
2. Describe yourself.
3. What do you find satisfying/dissatisfying about your present position?
4. What are your most important achievements?
5. What provides you with the motivation to excel at your job?
6. What type of actions have you taken to improve your professional and personal development?
7. What do you perceive to be your weaknesses?
8. What are your short-term and long-term goals?
9. Why are you looking for another opportunity?
10. What knowledge do you have of our company and the position we are offering?
11. What are your expectations from the job and our company?
12. How do your skills and abilities apply to the position we are offering?
13. What do you have to offer that other individuals do not possess?
14. How would your coworkers and managers describe you?
15. How well do you work within a team environment?
16. What activities/interests do you enjoy outside of the workplace?
17. Why should we hire you?