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Interviewing Tips


Company Research - Learn as much as possible about the company including its products/services, financial information, position in the market, competitors, and clients. Supplement this with any information you are able to collect about the interviewer(s) and you will already be one step ahead of many candidates who were not as diligent.

Self-Analysis - Take stock of your skills and goals and how they apply to the position you are seeking. Formulate answers to potential queries that incorporate and emphasize your particular strengths and abilities. What can you offer the company that will make you indispensable?

Questions For The Interviewer - An essential, yet often neglected component of interviewing, properly applied questions allow you to learn more about the opportunity and the degree to which it matches your ambitions. They also provide the employer with a strong impression of your talents and interest in the opportunity.

Questions From The Interviewer - Clearly it is not possible to have responses ready for all eventual subjects. However, there are standard queries that appear in virtually all interview situations.
Potential Interview Questions

Materials - Make certain to bring a pen, paper, and extra copies of your resume - you may end up talking with more individuals than you had anticipated.


Dress for Success - Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Interviewers will form an initial opinion of you within the first several minutes of the interview. Remember you want the interviewer to listen to what you have to say not be distracted by your attire.

Men: Dark suit, new white shirt, conservative tie, polished shoes.

Women: Dark conservative suit or pant suit (no bright colors such as red, yellow, or pink), conservative closed toe pump, conservative jewelry, make-up and hairstyle.

Management - Control the course of the interview as much as possible without appearing to be excessively confident and wordy. Listen carefully to the questions asked by the interviewer and formulate replies that successfully incorporate your abilities and knowledge.

Motivation - Let the interviewer know that you are excited to have the opportunity to contribute to their organization. Project an image of confidence and energy that will leave no doubt about your ability to excel in their environment.

Money - Do not broach the subject yourself. Doing so may lead the employer to believe that your motivations are single-faceted.

Moxie - One of the most important things you can do that will separate you from the field is to ask for the position. You will leave a strong, positive impression and may even be offered the job on the spot. Managers want you to actively pursue the position thus be aggressive.

Post Interview:

Make certain to mail and/or e-mail a thank you note to all individuals you spoke with. Emphasize your level of interest in the company, and reassert your ability to make a significant contribution. Let the individuals know that you are highly interested in pursuing the role and that you would like to proceed to the next step as soon as possible.