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Resume FAQ's

Q: How do I submit a resume ?


1.Select the Job Listings Link

2. Browse the jobs to find one that matches your needs.

3. Select the description link of your selected job. A new window will open with the job description.

4. If interested in the job, select the Submit Resume Link in the upper middle of the screen.

5. Input your contact information in the appropriate fields. Then browse for your resume by selecting the browse button located next to the text area. Please remember that Ibryo only accepts .doc (Microsoft Word or other word processing software document.), .rtf (Rich text format.), or .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format.).

6. Add any further information into the text area to the left side of the page. i.e. Best time for contact, alternative ways of contact, or just any extra information you feel will be helpful.

7. If you have made any mistakes or need to correct any information do so. Should you need to clear the form entirely, click on the Reset button. Once all information has been entered correctly click on the Submit button.

8. You will receive notification that your resume has been submitted. If you receive an error please follow the previous steps to try an correct your error. If you are unsuccessful, please feel free to contact the webmaster. You can do this by navigating to the Contact Ibryo section.


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