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Job Seekers

This is your life and a career can dramatically alter it. We understand that finding the right match starts with understanding your goals and abilities. Each opportunity that we present to you, we try to keep that in mind. With Ibryo Recruiting Firm you can be sure that “We Keep Our Eyes Focused On Your Future”.

With many search firms, finding candidates is about collecting as many resumes as possible to put in a software database.  Later when looking for a candidate, they will just seek out specific words to fill a job. Our career services go far beyond the generic recruiter's as we feel that filling an opportunity is more complicated than merely matching the acronyms on a resume to those on a job description. We understand that words on a resume do not qualify good candidates. It is the individual person that best qualifies the right fit for the right position.

Even if you do not find a job through our search firm, but you have doubt or concerns with a company you are thinking of working for. Feel free to give us a call to ask questions. We will be happy to give you any advice that we may have (no charge). The most important thing to us is not collecting fees, but is getting people employed.